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Modular Electric Powertrains

Safer, Smarter, and Cheaper Solutions for the E-Mobility Market

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Same Technology across different applications


We’re disrupting the way electric powertrains are developed 

Our technology modularizes the hardware configurations and software algorithms used in electric mobility applications. 


Our systems democratize access to e-powertrain technologies, leveling the playing field and paving the way for faster development of electric mobility systems. 

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Scalvy delivers fully modular and scalable e-powertrain systems for the E-Mobility industry.

Barriers to E-powertrains Scalability

1. The slow development cycle of e-powertrains is a significant hurdle for OEMs bringing more EV models to market.

Scalvy's technology is rapidly developed and tested due to its modularity. 

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2. High cost associated with today's e-powertrain pressures e-powertrain suppliers to compress margins.

Scalvy offers 30% lower BOM and 80% lower operating costs. 

3. A typical e-powertrain is composed of 1000 unique components leading to a complex supply chain. 

Scalvy simplifies the e-powertrain supply chain by significantly reducing the number of its unique components. 

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Modular Electric Powertrain

Modular e-powertrain solutions enable faster and smarter development of e-mobility applications. Our technology provides a robust modularized platform that can be adjusted modularly to fit different customer requirements without over-specification and associated high costs such as R&D, sourcing, and production costs.

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It is time to open the black box 

The design philosophy of the first wave of electric powertrains is treating the energy storage pack as a black box. However, this design philosophy is constantly challenged by different acting forces such as vehicles' range extension requirements, the need to provide further protection to the battery cells, and the continuous demand for performance improvements through balancing and optimization algorithms.

Simpler and Safer

  • EV manufacturers and startups are looking for e-powertrain system solutions instead of single components.
  • Scalvy is well-positioned to provide a plug-and-play e-powertrain system with its modular, customizable platform.

  • From two-wheelers to electric buses and trucks, OEMs will be able to bring their new vehicles to the market faster than ever. 

  • Scalvy's e-powertrain includes a built-in high-power onboard charger that can accept AC or DC charging with V2X capabilities.

  • Enhanced safety features by reducing the probability of battery failure and lessening the outcome severity if a failure occurs

WHY Scalvy

A Modular E-Powertrain Platform using a New Design Philosophy.

The e-powertrain market is commoditizing with an immediate need to address lower market segments.

Thus, customizable modular platforms will offer a degree of design freedom to EV manufacturers while reducing significant engineering costs, integration challenges, and over-specification complexities.  
Scalvy's modular e-powertrain solution is proprietary to protect the software and hardware modularization of the e-powertrain. 


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